Love Conquers Death

Love Conquers Death

A review of Sarah Graley’s Kim Reaper: Grim Beginnings (Oni Press, 2018).
By Derek Newman-Stille

kim reaper cover

University is tough. You have to study, deal with new crushes, carry a part time job as a Grim Reaper….

Kim Reaper is an adorable comic about the power of a crush between two young women to overcome the forces of the underworld.


Becka is just your average art student with a crush on someone she feels is a masterpiece of human art… unfortunately, when she meets Kim in person, there are far more dangerous aspects of Kim’s life. Kim is a part time Grim Reaper. She’s only a novice Grim Reaper, so she can only reap animals and not people… but that job is not without its dangers, as Becka discovers when she accidentally follows Kim into a portal.

Becka has to deal with the constant worry about Kim’s safety and her own as the two of them experience a world that is far more dangerous than they could imagine. But love brings Becka and Kim together and it just might be powerful enough to conquer the forces of Death (Kim’s bosses) and their callous maliciousness.

To find out more about Kim Reaper and the comic’s author Sarah Graley, visit Graley’s website at

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